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Speech Therapy Session
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Speech & Language Therapy

We can help you improve your communication skills so you can be as independent as possible

Our Speech Therapy Approaches

We utilize evidence based approaches in our therapy sessions.  Our mentality is to use everything we have to help you improve. The following is just some of our therapy approaches:

  • Phonomotor Treatment

  • Constraint Induced Aphasia Therapy (CIAT)

  • Multimodality Aphasia Therapy (M-MAT)

  • Verb Network Strengthening Treatment (VNeST)

  • Semantic Feature Analysis

  • Phonomotor Treatment

  • Abstract Network Strengthening (AbSANT)

  • Discourse Therapy

  • Discourse Processing Treatment

  • Response Elaboration Training

  • Typicality Treatment Approach

  • Rosenbek's 8 Step Continuum

  • Sound Production Treatment

What to expect in therapy:


  • The first day is always focused on assessment for deficits including aphasia, apraxia of speech, and dysarthria

  • We provide you a home exercise program to continue success beyond our therapy sessions

  • Once you begin mastering the basics, we start putting more words together to go from simple to complex communication

  • Start practicing more complex communication tasks to help you communicate more effectively in more situations

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