Parkinson's Disease and LSVT LOUD
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Parkinson’s Disease and Communication

Parkinson’s can impair communication. People with Parkinson's may feel they are speaking normally, but others may have a hard time hearing them. Facial muscles also weaken resulting in less facial expressions that can be misinterpreted as disinterest or anger. All of this can lead to social isolation withdrawal from favorite activities diminishing quality of life and independence

Two older people sitting

89% of people with Parkinson's have a speech or voice disorder

100% of people who complete LSVT LOUD report improve ability to communicate

80% of those people maintain improvements for 12-24 months post treamtent



A Proven Solution


LSVT LOUD is an intensive, one-on-one treatment delivered over one month’s time. Research shows LVST LOUD results in improvements in vocal loudness, intonation, and voice quality for individuals


Improvements maintained up to two years after treatment. The main focus of the treatment is to “speak LOUD!” However, it doesn't teach you to shout.

How to start?


  1.  One of our Speech Language Pathologists will conduct a voice evaluation to determine if the LSVT Loud program is appropriate.

  1. You will schedule an ENT appointment to ensure health of vocal folds.

  1. We will then receive the physician's order to begin treatment.

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