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When language is lost through aphasia, we help recover it.

Our ICAP is designed to improve people's communication skills and take back their lives.

First ICAP

in California


Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program


Our ICAP is designed to improve your communication skills and help you take back your life.

First ICAP

in California

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How does an ICAP help?

Our Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program (or ICAP) is specifically developed to help people recover from aphasia, a communication impairment usually caused by a stroke or other brain injury.

The brain needs a lot of repetition in a short amount of time to change, and an ICAP is built like a brain bootcamp that provides with the necessary intensity for recovery.


The 2 key factors in this program are intensity and comprehensiveness.

● Intensive means our sessions are very long.

● Comprehensive – addresses a wide range of goals, incorporating multiple approaches to aphasia treatment Treatment will be both direct and indirect

● Direct means focused on electing target responses and drilling on those responses

● Indirect involves tasks that are interesting and engaging and letting responses come more naturally and spontaneously


Our goal is improved expression of your wants and needs and improved social communication. We do this by focusing on re-engagement in your life.

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Key Factors of an ICAP


The program sessions are held 4 days per week and 3 hours each session to provide sufficient attention for retention


A  wide range of goals towards recovery is addressed by incorporating multiple approaches to  treatment

The Benefits of our ICAP

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Who Can Participate

Participants must be adults with aphasia, at any level of impairment

Participants must be medically stable

Participants must also be cognitively and physically able to endure the intensity of the program

Participants must not have any behavioral problems that impact their ability to fully benefit from each session

Finally, participants must be a minimum of 3 months after onset of their neurologic injury


Our ICAP is provided in the comfort and convenience of your own home in the Orange County. The program is also available via teletherapy for the entire California state.

Multiple Approaches

We foster recovery with both depth (via focused response sessions) and breadth (via organic engagement sessions).


Our intense program is geared to have sufficient attention, effort, and focus for our patients to attain optimal recovery.


The cost for the ICAP with Instrumental SLP is

● $6500 for the 4 week program.

● $5000 for the 3 week program.


Programs are 4 days per week, with each session 3 hrs long per day.

Lyda Kongswangwongsa


Lyda is the owner of Instrumental SLP and is an ASHA Certified Speech Language Pathologist who has been practicing since 2013.  She has extensive experience working in the medical setting with the adult and geriatric population.

  • Experience in skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, subacute care, and home health settings

  • Member of ASHA Special Interest Group 13, Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders

  • Member of Dysphagia Research Society

  • Member of the American Board of Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders

“I am an advocate for patients’ rights and am dedicated to improving my patients’ quality of life.”

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