Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program

Our Clients Have Seen Excellent Results!


100% of our clients saw improvement in discourse, naming/word finding, and auditory verbal comprehension skills


100% of our clients continue with us after completing an Intensive Program



‘The difference is striking... people are amazed at the difference since starting the ICAP’


‘We highly recommend Lyda and using ICAP if you are looking to regain as much speech and language skills as you can'

Rated 5 Stars on Google

Happy Senior Couple

Our Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program (ICAP) is specifically developed to help people with aphasia make substantial improvement in a short amount of time by increasing the intensity of therapy.

Studies show that a lot of repetition in a short amount of time helps change the brain, and an ICAP is built like a brain boot-camp to provide the necessary intensity for noticeable improvement.


The 2 key factors in this program are intensity and comprehensiveness.

● Intensive means our sessions are very long

● Comprehensive means we address a wide range of goals and incorporate multiple approaches to aphasia treatment 


We know that aphasia can affect all aspects of people's lives-

  • Relationships with family and friends

  • The ability to return to work

  • The ability to participate in hobbies

  • And even just feeling independent


Our goal is to help you improve your  communication in all aspects of your life. 

Couples Therapy

Who Can Participate

Participants must be adults with aphasia, at any level of impairment

Participants must be medically stable

Participants must also be cognitively and physically able to endure the intensity of the program

Participants must not have any behavioral problems that impact their ability to fully benefit from each session

Finally, participants must be a minimum of 3 months after onset of their neurologic injury

Working from Home

The pricing for the ICAP is

● $9,600 for the 4 week program.

● $7,200 for the 3 week program.

Programs are offered 4 days per week

with sessions lasting 4 hours per day

**Modified programs are available on a limited basis.  

Please call to discuss your needs.

We do not bill insurance for our intensive program.  This intensive program is above and beyond what Medicare will cover.  If you have Medicare and would like us to bill them,  we offer regular, outpatient therapy sessions that last approximately 40 minutes.