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This workbook has emotion-themed language exercises for people with aphasia, primary progressive aphasia, brain injury, stroke, and dementia.


This workbook was developed to make more topic-focused materials available since most people want to be able to work on specific topics or skills that are important to them.


This language workbook brings together important words, images, and concepts in a way that can help you maintain and improve your communication skills. The exercises in this workbook utilize evidence-based approaches to help improve language skills in the context of emotions and can be used for people with aphasia, stroke, brain injury, and dementia.


This workbook is for people with more difficulty communicating who would likely benefit from having someone help them through this workbook. The difficulty increases as you get further into the book. The book is organized in such a way that the exercises presented at the beginning of the workbook prime the user on words and images to support understanding and skills for exercises later in the workbook.

Language Rehab Workbook: Language for Emotions- Book 1

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