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What Can You Do If You Can't Talk At All

So what do you do if you can't even talk, like not even the right sound on purpose by itself, let alone a word or a sentence? You can try pointing. So you start with two options and you point to which one you want. And then you can build up from there. You can add more pictures or more written words, whatever works for you. That's how you can communicate.

Pointing is great but sometimes people will have difficulty being specific with where they're pointing. So again, you can work on that. You can help that person point until they are able to get more specific with where they point.

Then if you have some right neglect, you can make a whole kind of activity out of looking right. Once that skill has developed and gotten a little easier and a little better, then you can start putting pictures on the right.

We want you to be able to look everywhere for information because if you're ignoring the right-hand side, you're missing important information in life. That's just one strategy for if you really can't communicate verbally or you can't say even a single word.

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