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Continuing Rehabilitation After Home Health Care: In-Home Outpatient Therapy and Teletherapy Options

After a stroke or brain injury, home health care is often a necessary step in the recovery process. Home health care is focused on making sure that a person is safe at home and can make a successful transition from the hospital to home without being readmitted to the hospital.

However, when home health care is ready to discharge a patient, it does not mean that their rehabilitation is over. Discharge from home health care simply means that a person is ready for the next level of care. This could be outpatient therapy, which can be provided in the person's home if necessary.

There are now many outpatient therapy providers who are willing to provide services in a person's home, particularly in more metropolitan areas. These providers may also accept Medicare. If in-home therapy is not an option, teletherapy via Zoom is a great alternative- especially for speech therapy! With teletherapy, therapy can be provided remotely using a variety of tools and resources.

So, when home health care is ready to discharge a person after a stroke or brain injury, it is not the end of their rehabilitation. There are many options for continuing therapy and rehabilitation, including in-home outpatient therapy and teletherapy. It is important to explore these options and find the best fit for your needs.

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