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Aphasia- Get Connected!

So you're already doing speech therapy and you're feeling stuck. You're like, oh my gosh, this is never gonna end. Ugh. I feel so alone. I feel isolated. I don't wanna keep doing speech therapy. It's never gonna work. Okay, I get it. You're human. Humans feel like this. It's tough. So what can you do to stay motivated when you're also dealing with these difficult thoughts.

So the first thing I want to encourage you to do is get connected. Join the Aphasia Recovery Connection Group on Facebook. Look at the National Aphasia Association. Find a local group. A lot of universities will have aphasia groups. We have a Zoom aphasia group on Fridays, and people are making connections there.

It's just a small group and people are making friends. You never know who you're gonna find and when you can see other people out there the same as you. Worse than you, better than you working, making improvements, struggling. Just somebody that you can relate to and realize that you're not alone.

That's going to help keep you motivated. You're gonna feel connected. You're going to feel like you're all in it together. Let's keep working. And this can all help you to take that next step- to keep doing more speech therapy and not to give up. So get connected. are a nonprofit and they do so many great Zoom sessions. They're free and they also take donations. If you're not in California and you want to find something more local, just keep looking. Don't give up. Just because you didn't find one today doesn't mean you won't find one next week.

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