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Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program

Rated 5 Stars


‘We highly recommend Lyda and using ICAP if you are looking to regain as much speech and language skills as you can'

What is an Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program?

It is an intense dose of speech and language therapy

4 weeks

4 days per week

4 sessions per day

Is an Intensive Program Right for Me?
Let's talk!

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Why Should I Consider a Program?

Because it takes advantage of the principles of neuroplasticity to help you regain skills and make progress quickly.

It delivers the intensity that can make a real difference.

Looking for More Information?

Welcome to our Intensive Aphasia Therapy Program! Our specialized program is designed to provide targeted and intensive speech therapy for individuals with aphasia, helping them regain their language abilities and enhance overall communication skills. If you or your loved one has been impacted by aphasia, our intensive program can make a significant difference in your recovery journey. Aphasia is a language disorder that affects a person's ability to understand and express themselves verbally or in writing. It is often caused by strokes, brain injuries, or other neurological conditions. At Instrumental SLP, we understand the unique challenges faced by individuals with aphasia, and our intensive therapy program is specifically tailored to meet their needs. Our intensive aphasia therapy program is characterized by its personalized and focused approach. We believe that intensive and concentrated therapy can yield remarkable results, maximizing the potential for language recovery and overall communication improvement. Our dedicated team of speech therapists works closely with each individual to create a customized treatment plan that addresses their specific goals and challenges. What makes our intensive aphasia therapy program stand out: Personalized treatment plans: We recognize that each person's experience with aphasia is unique. Our therapists conduct comprehensive assessments to understand your specific needs, strengths, and areas for improvement. Based on these findings, we develop a personalized treatment plan that targets your individual goals. Intensive therapy sessions: Our program consists of frequent and concentrated therapy sessions that provide ample opportunity for practice and progress. We believe in the power of repetition and consistent effort to help rewire the brain and improve language skills. Evidence-based techniques: Our therapists are highly trained in evidence-based techniques and utilize the latest advancements in aphasia therapy. We incorporate a variety of approaches, such as constraint-induced language therapy, melodic intonation therapy, and technology-assisted interventions, to optimize your outcomes. Multimodal communication strategies: We focus not only on verbal communication but also on helping individuals explore various modes of communication, including gestures, writing, and technology-assisted devices, to enhance their ability to express themselves effectively. Collaborative approach: We believe in the power of collaboration. Our therapists work closely with you, your family, and other healthcare professionals to ensure a holistic and integrated approach to your therapy. We provide education and support to your loved ones, empowering them to actively participate in your recovery process. Our Intensive Aphasia Therapy Program is suitable for individuals at different stages of their aphasia journey. Whether you have recently experienced a stroke or have been living with aphasia for an extended period, our program can help you make significant strides in improving your communication abilities and enhancing your overall quality of life. Don't let aphasia hold you back from expressing yourself and engaging with the world. Contact us today to learn more about our Intensive Aphasia Therapy Program and take the first step toward reclaiming your voice. Together, we can overcome the barriers of aphasia and empower you to communicate with confidence and independence.

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