Intensive Dysphagia Program


Designed to help improve your swallowing function and get you eating and drinking again.

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How does Intensive Dysphagia therapy help?

Our Intensive Dysphagia Program is developed primarily for helping people with dysphagia, or swallowing impairments, return their swallow function as close to normal as possible.

Dysphagia can have many causes, and when you stop eating and drinking your swallowing muscles can degrade and atrophy just like any other muscle in the body. So sometimes when people begin to have swallowing difficulties, these muscles need an intense dose of exercise.

We have to progressively overload the swallowing muscles to help them get stronger and more coordinated. With the McNeil Dysphagia Therapy Program as our guiding framework, we use the principles of exercise physiology to rehabilitate the swallow function.

Our overall goal is the improvement of your swallow function and safety, to help you get back to enjoying eating and drinking again. The best way to do this is to start swallowing!

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Who Can Participate

Participants must be adults with dysphagia, at any level of impairment

Participants must be medically stable.

Participants must also be cognitively and physically able to endure the intensity of the program.

Participants must be able to follow commands

The Benefits of an

Intensive Dysphagia Program


We provide therapy in the comfort and convenience of your own home in the Orange County area.

Multiple Approaches

We use multiple approaches and the McNeil Dysphagia Therapy Program framework for better results.


Our intense program is designed to get you swallowing as quickly as possible with steady muscle overload to help

you attain optimal recovery.


The cost for the ICDP with Instrumental SLP is


$2500 for the 3 week program. 

Programs are 4 days per week, with each session 1.5  hrs long per day.

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